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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplantation is the latest hair transplantation technique that provides a natural hair line, minimal scarring and thicker hair. For patients the attraction is that there is no linear scar in the donor allowing for a short haircut .
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FUE takes follicular grafts from the back and side of the head. The scars from each graft harvest are about 1mm in diameter. The grafts are then implanted into the areas fo hair loss to reconstruct the hair line. .

FUE transplants take a full days and requires the patient to lie face down and on their side for long periods while the grafts are being removed. Recovery takes 3-5 days.

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Most frequent questions and answers
The procedure can take half a day to a full day depending on the number of grafts required.

Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to hair loss and the good news is that a hair transplant procedure lasts a long time if not a lifetime

They look completely natural but require attention to detail to ensure correct angulation and feathering of the hair.
The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and a little sedation. After FUE surgery patients will experience a little discomfird which is described as minimal.